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Incorrect order of events

During the processing of a data flow work item that contains an event strategy, the following error is displayed:

Event from the past. Current time in the Event Strategy: <YYYYMMDD'T'HHmmss.SSS> while the time in the inserted event was <YYYYMMDD'T'HHmmss.SSS>, as shown in the following example:

Event from the past error message

Event from the past error


This error occurs when the time stamp of the incoming event is older than the time stamp of the most currently inserted event. This error can be caused by one or more of the following conditions:
  • Events are inserted into the stream data set by a web socket or a POST method request from more than one thread, which can result in the wrong order of events.
  • The data flow that contains the event strategy is run in batch mode. In this case, events might not be sorted by date.
  • The data set that sources the data flow has formatting issues. For example, the data set might source data that is time zone-dependent, but the time zone code is not provided in the event records or the code is not correct.


Depending on the root cause of the error, perform one of the following actions:

  • Limit the number of threads that can send events simultaneously, or configure your application to send events from a single thread.
  • Use a report definition to sort events by time.
  • Review the data set that sources events to your event strategy for any formatting issues and correct them.
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