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Cassandra warning: Couldn't find cfId


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Cassandra logs display the Couldn't find cfId=column family ID warning.


Example warning message: Couldn't find cfId=ab76e631-b5ab-11e6-900c-918ff82e80ab.


The root cause is often a race condition that takes place during table creation, when two nodes attempt to create the same table at the same time as a result of a distributed data flow. Because Cassandra is consistent, the nodes do not see tables on other nodes, so Cassandra creates a new random identifier for the table.

Starting from Cassandra version 3, the term table replaces the term family column. However, the error messages still use the term family column.
  1. Delete the tables with the identifier that appears in the error message.

    For more information, see the Apache Cassandra documentation.
  2. Create the tables again through the corresponding data set:

    1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Records.

    2. Expand the Data Model category, and then click Data Set.

    3. On the Data Set tab, select the corresponding data set.

    4. On the data-set-name tab, click Actions Run .

    5. On the Data Set tab, in the Operation list, select Truncate.

    6. Click Run.

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