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Creating a business issue


Start defining propositions hierarchy by creating the class that represents the business issue. You need business issues to create groups which can store properties. Business issues and groups define a proposition hierarchy used to organize propositions.

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure Decisioning Decisions Proposition Management .

  2. On the Hierarchy tab, click Add New business issue .

  3. In the Create new business issue dialog box, provide the name for the business issue.

  4. Select to create the property in a ruleset or a branch.

  5. Click Create.

  6. When the business issue is created, click Close.

You can view the business issue you created in the Business issues and groups panel in the Hierarchy tab. By default, the business issue is created as the top level class <OrgClass>-<ApplicationName>-SR-<Issue>.

  • Configuring the model transparency policy for predictive models

    By configuring the transparency threshold for a business issue and optionally adapting the transparency score for predictive model types, lead data scientists determine which predictive model types are compliant for that issue.

  • Creating a group

    Create the class that represents the group. Before you create a group, you need to create a business issue. Business issues and groups define a proposition hierarchy used to organize propositions.

  • Creating a property

    Create a property in a particular business issue and group. For example, this can be a property named Customer ID of text type which can store customers' IDs.

  • Deleting a business issue or a group

    Remove a business issue or group that you no longer need in the propositions hierarchy. This action does not result in deleting the class that represents the business issue or group. It removes a given issue or a group from the proposition hierarchy context by changing the pyDecisioningItem custom field of the class from the Issue (for issue level classes) or Group (for the group level classes) to MarkedForDeletion.

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