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Defining a Prediction shape


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Calculate the propensity score of a business event or customer action by including a Prediction shape in your decision strategy. For example, you can use a Prediction shape to calculate which offer a customer is most likely to accept.

A Prediction shape is not the same as a Predictive Model shape. For more information about the Predictive Model shape, see Decision analytics and business rules.
  1. In Prediction Studio, create a prediction.

    For more information, see Creating predictions.

  2. In Dev Studio, create a strategy in which to include the Prediction shape.

    For more information, see Completing the Strategy rule form.

  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Records.

  2. Expand the Decision category, and then click Strategy.

  3. On the Strategy tab, open the strategy in which you want to include the Prediction shape by clicking the strategy name.

  4. Right-click the strategy canvas.

  5. On the shape list, select Prediction.

    A Prediction shape appears on the strategy canvas.
  6. Right-click the Prediction shape, and then click Properties.

  7. In the Prediction properties window, in the Prediction field, press the Down arrow key, and then select the prediction that you want to use as part of your decision strategy.

  8. Click Submit.

  9. Provide a data source for the prediction by connecting a source shape to the Prediction shape.

    To determine which of your phones a customer is most likely to buy, connect the Phones Proposition Data shape to the PredictCustomerAcceptance Prediction shape.
    Phones Proposition Data shape connected to the PredictCustomerAcceptance Prediction shape on the strategy canvas
    An arrow connects the "Phones" Proposition Data shape to the
                                "Predict Customer Acceptance" Prediction shape

    For more information, see Import component.

The Prediction shape returns a propensity score for each source element. For example, a PredictCustomerAcceptance Prediction shape calculates the customer propensity to select each offer from the Phones Proposition Data shape.

You can now select the top propensity offer by connecting the Prediction shape to a Prioritize shape. For more information, see Arbitration.

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