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Editing application overlays


You can edit an existing application overlay to modify its application definition as well as the set of rules that are available for revision management.

When you add rules to revision management, a new version of the revision ruleset is created with the newly added rules being part of the new minor version of the application, for example, application version 01-01-01 will change to 01-01-02.

The enterprise application and the overlay application are also updated with this new revision ruleset version.

  1. In Dev Studio, click Configure Decisioning Infrastructure Revision Management Application Overlays .

  2. Optional:

    Modify the rules that are available for revision management by performing the following actions:

    1. In the Action column of the overlay that you want to modify, click Edit Rules available for revision management .

    2. In the Edit Overlay_Name: Rules window, add or remove rules from the revision ruleset:

      • In the Select rules available for revision management section, select the check box next to the rule that you want to add to the revision management ruleset and click Include for revision management. For direct deployment overlays, you can add, remove, or modify Decision Data rules only.

      • In the Rules available for revision management section, click the Trash can icon to remove a rule from the revision ruleset. You cannot remove the rules that are part of a revision in progress.
    3. Click Save.

    4. Close the window.

  3. Optional:

    Modify the application settings, such as components, development branches, rulesets, and so on, by performing the following actions:

    1. On the Application overlays tab, click the name of the application overlay that you want to modify.

    2. In the Application section, click Edit application.

    3. In the Edit Application window, Keystores.

    4. Click Save.

  • Addressing changing business requirements

    With revision management, business users can respond to changing requirements by modifying and deploying your application’s rules in a controlled manner.

  • Application overlays

    Application overlay is an application that is built on top of a decision management enterprise application. An application overlay defines the scope in which business users can change the application (for example, by managing propositions, modifying business rules, or running simulations) to adjust the application to constantly changing business conditions and requirements. System architects use the Create New Application Overlay wizard to define the application overlay components, such as the revision ruleset or revision records:

  • Creating application overlays

    Define the extent to which business users can change your decisioning application by creating an application overlay. Specify the application, revision ruleset, and access group for the overlay.

  • Deleting application overlays

    You can delete all application overlays except the direct deployment application overlay. When you delete an application overlay, all revision records are deleted, except for the application overlay's revision ruleset. The revision ruleset is also not deleted from the enterprise application ruleset.

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