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Model management


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On the Model Management landing page, you can manage adaptive models that were run and predictive models with responses. You can view the performance of individual models and the number of their responses, or perform various maintenance activities, such as clearing, deleting, and updating models.

When you run a strategy that references an Adaptive Model rule in an adaptive model component, that model appears in the Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM) system. The Adaptive Model rule determines the creation, learning patterns, and predictive behavior of the model.

  • Viewing recent responses for adaptive and predictive models

    View outcomes and predictor information for the five most recent responses that were collected, for example, for troubleshooting.

  • Clearing models

    Remove all the historical learning data of an adaptive model instance. Optionally, you can also delete the associated data mart record that is used for adaptive model instance monitoring. For predictive models, clearing automatically removes the data mart record. Clearing a model deletes all of its statistics.

  • Deleting adaptive models

    You can delete adaptive models and all their associated statistics. Deleting an adaptive model removes a model but does not affect the adaptive model rule (configuration).

  • Updating adaptive models

    The ADM service automatically updates adaptive models (by applying self-learning) each time the number of responses for a model exceeds the defined threshold setting. You can also manually update adaptive models on the Model Management landing page.

  • Uploading customer responses

    You can enhance the performance of adaptive models by uploading historical data of customer interaction. Those records train the model and make the model more reliable.

  • Adaptive model details

    On the Model Management landing page, you can access details about the adaptive models that were executed (such as the number of recorded responses, last update time, and so on). The models are generated as a result of running a decision strategy that contains an Adaptive Model shape.

  • Migrating adaptive model schema

    You need to migrate adaptive models that were created using Pega 7.1.7 or earlier, because of changes to the ADM database schema. Use the adaptive model migration wizard to copy and convert models that are stored in an ADM server other than the one that is connected to the Pega Platform. Perform an initial analysis of the models that you want to migrate and convert because the migration process wizard overwrites the models in the target ADM server.

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