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Scorecard rules


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You can use scorecards to derive decision results from a number of factors, for example, for credit risk assessments.

A scorecard creates segmentation based on one or more conditions and a combining method. The output of a scorecard is a score and a segment defined by the results.

You can map the score-based segmentation to results by defining cutoff values to map a given score range to a result.

You can create a scorecard rule to calculate customer segmentation based on age and income and then map particular score rages to defined results.

Where referenced

Scorecard rules are referenced:

  • In strategies, through the scorecard component.
  • In flows, through the decision shape Decision by selecting the scorecard model type.
  • In expressions, to calculate the segments through the scorecard rule by using the Lib(Pega-DecisionEngine:Scorecard).ObtainValue(this, myStepPage, "scorecardrulename") syntax.


Scorecard rules are part of the Decision category. A scorecard rule is an instance of the Rule-Decision-Scorecard rule type.

  • Creating a Scorecard rule

    In order to use scorecards to derive decision results from a number of factors, for example, for credit risk assessments, create Scorecard-specific rules.

  • Defining predictors for scorecards

    You can define predictor values to calculate customer score. By using factors such as age and income, you can, for example, assess credit risk.

  • Mapping score ranges to decision results

    Use the Results tab to map score ranges to decision results, for example, to decide what score allows a customer to get a loan, by defining their cutoff value for values that you enter on the Scorecard tab.

  • Testing the scorecard logic

    Get detailed insight into how scores are calculated by testing the scorecard logic from the Scorecard rule form. The test results show the score explanations for all the predictors that were used in the calculation, so that you can validate and refine the current scorecard design or troubleshoot potential issues.

  • Pages & Classes tab on the Predictive Model form

    Use this tab to list the clipboard pages referenced by name in this rule. See How to Complete a Pages & Classes tab in the Pega Platform documentation for basic instructions.

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