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Strategy canvas accelerators and keyboard shortcuts


Some of the most common operations can be performed quickly using predefined accelerators and keyboard shortcuts.

User input Description
Shift + mouse click Select many elements, or remove from selection.
Delete or Backspace Delete selection.
Ctrl + C Copy selection.
Ctrl + V Paste selection.
Ctrl + . Toggle grid visibility.
Ctrl + / Toggle visual guides.
Ctrl + A Select all objects on the canvas.
Alt Temporarily use pan tool (when in select mode) and reverse.
Secondary mouse button + drag Temporarily pan canvas.
+ (Windows) / = (Mac OS) Zoom in.
- Zoom out.
Ctrl + M Toggle between full screen and normal canvas.
Esc Exit current operation.
Ctrl + S Save changes.
Double click on canvas Center and fit screen diagram.

  • Strategy rule form - Completing the Strategy tab

    A strategy is defined by the relationships of the components that are used in the interaction that delivers the decision. The Strategy tab provides the facilities to design the logic delivered by the strategy (the strategy canvas) and to test the strategy (the Test runs panel).

  • About Strategy rules

    Strategies define the decision that is delivered to an application. The decision is personalized and managed by the strategy to reflect the interest, risk, and eligibility of an individual customer in the context of the current business priorities and objectives. The result of a strategy is a page (clipboard or virtual list) that contains the results of the components that make up its output definition.

  • Completing the Strategy rule form

    Strategy rules - Completing the Create, Save As, or Specialization form

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