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Viewing additional simulation test details


You can view additional details for each completed simulation test. Additional details can help you correctly assess performance of target strategy on the component level as well as view record distribution across all decision data nodes in your application. You can view additional simulation test details only for simulation tests whose status is either In progress or Completed.

  1. In Customer Decision Hub, click Simulation Testing.

  2. Click the ID of the simulation test whose details you want to inspect.

  3. Under the progress bar, click More details.

    You can view the following details:
    Component statistics
    View the number of successful and failed records per data flow component and the average processing time (in milliseconds). You can also view the percentage of the total processing time that your application took to process each component.
    Distribution details
    View the number of Data Flow nodes that were assigned to process the data. You can also view the number of partitions that were created to process the data in each decision data node. The statistics display the number of records processed by each node, the number of failed records, and the current status of the decision data node.
    Run details
    The default parameters of the simulation test run. You cannot change these parameters. In Customer Decision Hub, simulations are always run in Batch mode. If a simulation test encounters at least one error on one of the nodes that are assigned to process the data, the simulation test fails on that node. The data is processed on the remaining nodes, starting from the last successfully created data snapshot.

  • Simulation testing

    By running simulation tests in Pega Customer Decision Hub, you can derive useful intelligence that can help you make important business decisions. For example, you can examine the effect of a new product offer or assess risk in a variety of marketing or nonmarketing scenarios.

  • Managing simulation tests in Customer Decision Hub

    You can perform various maintenance tasks on the simulation tests that you created in Customer Decision Hub to quickly and effectively manage simulations in your application.

  • Configuring reports assigned to simulation test outputs

    You can review simulation tests by inspecting a variety of reports that can be assigned to a simulation output. Additionally, you can quickly respond to changes in business requirements or obtain additional data by viewing, adding, removing, or editing the reports. You can configure reports only for simulation whose status is Completed.

  • Assigning custom reports to simulation tests

    You can create custom reports and assign them to simulation tests. By using this feature, you can adjust simulation reports to your business needs, for example, by configuring a report to show additional or more detailed data.

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