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Defining versioned propositions


The versioned propositions are listed in the Hierarchy tab of the Proposition Management landing page, under the Decision data records section. These propositions are part of the decision data rule instance managing propositions for a given group. They are also referred to as decision data records.

Decision data records offer a flexible mechanism for the type of input values that require frequent changes. Checking in changes to decision makes the changes available to all users but, typically, the changes to decision data instances are made available when system architects activate the revision that contains the changes, or when revision managers activate a direct deployment revision.

  • Editing multiple propositions

    You can edit propositions from groups saved as decision data rules by using Excel. This functionality enables you to edit multiple propositions at once.

  • Adding a versioned proposition

    Follow these steps to create propositions that are stored in the system as decision data records. These propositions are part of the decision data rule instance managing propositions for a given group.

  • Editing a versioned proposition

    Edit a proposition in a group saved as decision data rules to modify offers presented to customers.

  • Defining the validity period for versioned propositions

    You can define or edit the validity period of versioned propositions. The validity period defines the life span of a proposition, that is, the time period during which that proposition is active.

  • Propositions

    Propositions are product offers that you present to your customers to achieve your business goals. Propositions can be tangible products like cars or mobile devices, or less tangible like downloadable music or mobile apps. You can view the existing propositions and create new ones on the Proposition management landing page.

  • Defining unversioned propositions

    The unversioned propositions that are listed on the Unversioned proposition data tab on the Proposition Management landing page are data instances of the group data class.

  • Creating a group

    Create the class that represents the group. Before you create a group, you need to create a business issue. Business issues and groups define a proposition hierarchy used to organize propositions.

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