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Reviewing a model update

Use this endpoint to approve or reject a candidate model in a prediction.

POST /predictions/model_update/{referenceID}/review

Sample URL

{referenceID} is an identifier of a model update that you want to approve or reject, for example, M-5104. A request that starts a model update returns this reference ID. For more information, see Starting a model update.


  • {
  • "action": "Approve",
  • "review_note": "Approving model for shadow",
  • "shadow_mode": true
  • }

Review request parameters

Name Type Description
action String (Approve, Reject) This parameter allows you to approve a model for deployment to production or to reject the model.
review_note String A comment from the data scientist to indicate the reason for the approval or rejection of the model.
shadow_mode Boolean (True, False) True places the model in shadow mode. False replaces the active model in the prediction with this model.


  • {
  • "message": "referenceID M-5104 is Approved. New status Approved"
  • }

Response parameters

Name Type Description
message String The output of the review command.

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