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About ruleset validation

Ruleset validation is performed to ensure that any rules that are referenced by an application are available on a target system and are accessible by the application.

Starting in Pega 7.1.7, there are two types of ruleset validation available: Application Validation (AV) mode and Ruleset Validation (RV) mode. AV mode is selected by default for new rulesets.

You can switch between AV and RV mode for a ruleset by accessing the ruleset form in Designer Studio, clicking the Versions tab, and then clicking the radio button for the corresponding mode.

Ruleset Validation mode

Prior to Pega 7.1.7, rules were validated by using Ruleset Validation mode. The ruleset lists that were used to validate rule references were defined by each ruleset version’s prerequisites.

Ruleset Validation mode is used for explicitly specifying prerequisites down to the patch level. When RV mode is selected on the ruleset form, you can specify any required rules and their versions.


In RV mode, if a ruleset prerequisite is an AV ruleset, then all rulesets available to the AV ruleset become accessible.

Application Validation mode

In Pega 7.1.7, Application Validation mode was introduced. Application Validation mode removes reliance on ruleset version prerequisites. It allows the ruleset to reference a rule in any of the rulesets that belong to the same application or any application that the existing application is built on. AV mode is used only during the validation process and does not affect how rules are run at run time.

AV mode allows for co-dependent rulesets in the same application. The benefits of using AV mode include:

  • Efficiency – removes the need for revising prerequisites every time a new ruleset version is created
  • Simplicity – eliminates the need to create workarounds, such as using blank rules
  • Consistency – rule validation upon save uses the same ruleset list that is used by the system at run time
  • Enhanced productivity – less time is spent debugging issues related to ruleset prerequisites

When AV is selected on the ruleset form, a message displays indicating that the use of the Required RuleSets and Versions section, available when using Ruleset Validation mode, is disabled. The following example shows the ruleset form and the message:


Mixed validation modes

​​You can use a mixture of AV and RV modes in a single application. Each time a rule is saved into a ruleset, the specified validation mode for that ruleset is used.

Validating changes

When using AV mode, moving from AV mode to RV mode can lead to invalid rules when saving because of the prerequisites that are required by RV mode. To address this situation, use the Application Validation tool to identify any invalid rules. You can access the Application Validation tool by clicking Designer Studio > Application > Tools > Validation.

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