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Declare Expression form - Completing the Expressions tab

This presentation is part of the Declarative Expressions Self-Study Course.


For a simple form, the Expressions tab has quite a few options, beginning with the Set Property area.

Use the drop-down box to choose an appropriate method for the calculation and complete the resulting form.  For choices involving expressions, you can use the expression builder tool. The form displays different options depending on the method you choose.

For more involved expressions, you might want to conditionalize calculations. Click the Show Conditions button to display condition blocks and associated Set Property sections.

Each condition block has a wide variety of evaluation choices available.

You can configure complex Boolean expressions to be evaluated in sequential fashion, whereby the first one that is true is used for the calculation.

Use the Insert icon to add ANDs and ORs to add complexity to your logic.

A few things to note:

  • You cannot use ‘Save As’ on declarative expressions
  • Prior to PRPC version 5.4 full Rule Resolution does not apply to declarative rules
  • You cannot add property circumstances to declarative expressions. Therefore, if you want to calculate the expression differently in different circumstances, you need to use conditional logic as just discussed


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