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Automated unit testing of data pages

Data page unit tests are a way to validate that application data is loaded correctly. It is important to validate data page functionality when changes are made to a data page or rule form. Testing data pages ensures acceptable performance and that no existing functionality has been broken.

Data page unit tests compare the expected value of one or more properties with their actual values in a data page. The Unit Test Case landing page contains all the unit test cases for data pages within an application. The test case contains the test criteria and test results. Unit Test Case rules are created for data pages to enable the testing of a data page within an application.

Before you begin testing, your application needs to be configured for automated testing. See Automated Data Page Testing: Application Setup.

Creating Data page unit tests is done by running the data page, and then converting the run into a test. Existing data page unit tests are accessed on the Test cases tab of the Data page rule. In the Records Explorer, select Data Model > Data Page, and then click the name of a data page. From the data page record detail, click the Test cases tab.

Landing page

The data page unit test landing page lists all the data page unit tests in an application. On the landing page, you can selectively run automated tests defined for data pages and know which tests have passed or failed. You can also create new data page unit tests from the landing page.

The landing page is accessed from the Data Explorer. The Explorer panel is located on the left side of the Designer Studio screen. Click the Data icon to display the Data Explorer. From the drop-down menu at the top-left of the Data Explorer, select View all test cases.

The data page test cases landing page

The Data page test case landing page

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