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Enabling ruleset versions for Pega repositories for rebasing


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When you rebase rules, you must enable ruleset versions for Pega repositories so that they can host ruleset versions. To enable ruleset versions, configure the HostedRulesetsList dynamic system setting on the remote development system on which you are merging branches.

  1. Complete one of the following tasks:

    • Open the HostedRulesetsList dynamic system setting if it exists.
      1. Click Records SysAdmin Dynamic System Settings .
      2. Click the record with the HostedRulesetsList Setting Purpose and the Pega-ImportExport Owning Ruleset.
    • Create this record if it does not exist.
      1. Click Create SysAdmin Dynamic System Settings .
      2. Enter a short description.
      3. In the Owning Ruleset field, enter Pega-ImportExport.
      4. In the Setting Purpose field, enter HostedRulesetsList.
      5. Click Create and open.
  2. On the Settings tab, in the Value field, enter a comma-separated list of the rulesets on the remote development system. Enclose each ruleset value within quotation marks, for example, “HRApp.”

  3. Click Save.

  • Enabling the Pega repository type

    When you use continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD pipelines) third-party automation servers, you use Pega Platform as a binary repository for rule artifacts during development. You also use Pega repositories when you are rebasing your development application when you are using third-party automation servers or Deployment Manager.

  • Understanding rule rebasing

    If you are using continuous integration in a CI/CD pipeline with either Deployment Manager or third-party automation servers such as Jenkins, after you merge branches, you can rebase your development application to obtain the most recently committed rulesets. Rebasing allows development teams working in separate development environments to share t

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