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Understanding the merge subresource

Use the merge subresource to perform additional tests on conflicts, and then perform a merge operation.

This subresource takes the following parameters:

  • Request – http://serverURL/prweb/api/v1/branches/{id}/merge
  • Parameter – ID. The name of the branch that you want to merge. This parameter is required.
  • Response – The merge subresource returns a unique ID after a validation event occurs. During the merge, the status is saved to an instance of the System-Queue-Merge class.

To verify the status of a merge, use the Merges REST service, using the ID returned by the response.

You can also use the Queue Management landing page to view information about and remove merge requests without needing to know the response ID. Open the landing page by clicking Dev StudioSystem Operations Queue Management .

You can also update logging levels to INFO on the pzMergeServicePostActionProcessing activity to log informational messages. These messages could provide information about why exceptions are occurring and also act as a reference that you can use if you are working with Pegasystems Global Customer Support. For more information about logging levels, see Logging Level Settings tool.

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