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Viewing test case results


After you run a unit test case, you can view the results of the test run.

The following information is displayed:

  • When the test was last run and the user who ran it.
  • The rule associated with the test.
  • The parameters sent.
  • Errors for failed tests.
  • Unexpected results for failed tests. This information also includes the run time of the test and the expected run time of the test if the expected run time assertion fails.

  1. Opening a unit test case.

  2. In the Run history column, click View for the test case that you want to view.

  3. In the Test Runs Log dialog box, click the row for the instance of the test case that you want to view to open the test results in a new tab in Dev Studio.

    You can also view test case results in the Edit Test Case form after you immediately run the test, in the Test Case tab of the rule form or, for data pages, in the Data Page testing landing page.

  • PegaUnit testing

    Automated unit testing is a key stage of a continuous development and continuous integration model of application development. With continuous and thorough testing, issues are identified and fixed prior to releasing an application, which improves the application quality.

  • Viewing test details and results on the Application:Unit testing landing page

    On the Application: Unit testing landing page you can run unit test cases and test suites that are not marked as disabled, and view reports to check the quality of your application to identify rules that did not pass unit testing.

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