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The service returns the test results in an XML file in xUnit format and stores them in the location that you specified in the LocationOfResults request parameter.

The output is similar to the following example:

<test-case errors="2" failures="0" label="Purchase order transformation with a bad element in the output expected" name="report-bad-element-name" skip="0" tests="7"> <nodes expected="/" result="/"><nodes xmlns:purchase="urn:acme-purchase-order" expected="/purchase:order[1]" result="/purchase-order[1]"><error type="Local name comparison">Expected "order" but was "purchase-order"</error><error type="Namespace URI comparison">Expected "urn:acme-purchase-order" but was ""</error></nodes></nodes><sysout>This text is captured by the report</sysout><syserr/></test-case>

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