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Running scenario test suites


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Run scenario test suites to check application functionality. You can check the run history, add or remove test cases from the suite, or reorder the test cases before running the suite.

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure Application Quality Automated Testing Scenario Testing Test Suites .

  2. Optional:

    View or modify the test cases included in a test suite.

    1. Click the name of the suite.

    2. View summary information about previous test results in the header.

      • To view more information about the latest test results, click View details.
      • To view information about earlier results, click View previous runs.
    3. Modify the test cases in the suite from the Scenario test cases section.

      • To remove test cases from the suite, click Remove, and then click Save.
      • To include additional test cases in the suite, click Add, select the test case, click Add, and then click Save.
    4. To change the order in which the test cases will run, drag a case to a different position in the sequence and then click Save.

    5. To prevent individual test cases from running as part of the suite, select the case, click Disable, click Save, and then close the test case.

    6. Close the test suite, return to the Application: Scenario testing page, and then click Actions Refresh .

  3. Optional:

    To view details about previous test results, click View in the Run history column.

  4. Select the check box for each test suite that you want to run and then click Run selected. The test suites run and the Result column is updated with the result, which you can click to open test results.

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