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Starting test coverage by adding the Enable test coverage task


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Add the Enable test coverage task to start test coverage. Starting and stopping test coverage generates a report that identifies the executable rules in your application that are either covered or not covered by tests. As a best practice, to ensure application quality, you should test all the rules in your application for which testing is supported.

For more information about application-level coverage reports, see Generating an application-level test coverage report.

When you use separate product rules for test cases and run a pipeline, the Enable test coverage task is run for the access group that is specified in the Application test cases section, which you configure when you add or modify a pipeline.

To add this task, complete the following steps:
  1. Do one of the following actions:

    • Click a task, click the More icon, and then click either Add task above or Add task below.
    • Click Add task in the stage.
  2. In the Task list, click Enable test coverage.

  3. Select the Start a new session check box to start a test coverage session every time that the pipeline runs the deployment. If you do not select this check box, if a test coverage session is already running, the pipeline pauses and returns an error.

  4. Click Submit.

  5. Continue configuring your pipeline. For more information, see one of the following topics:

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