External operator cannot complete an assignment while work object is locked


A developer asks: Directed Web Access (DWA) processing sends an email message containing a hyperlink to an external user, allowing the user to perform an external assignment. 

If that external user is processing an assignment on a work object that has a second assignment that an internal user is processing, what happens when the work object is locked while the internal user works her assignment? 

Can the external user process his assignment too? 

Or Is the work object locked and unavailable to the external user?  If the work object is locked, can the external user re-use the link at a later time to gain access to the assignment when the work object is no longer locked?

Suggested Approach

The external user cannot obtain access the assignment while another assigned operator has the work object locked.  But the external user can use the DWA hyperlink to access the DWA assignment any time when the work object is not locked. 

That is, the link provides exclusive-access, not one-time-only access.  The DWA link works as long as the assignment is present and has not yet been performed.

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