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How to correct the Using Whens with Bulk Processing warning for flow action rules


Remediate this high-priority warning before using the rule in a production environment.

In v5.4 sp2 or greater, use the Download High Priority Warnings option in the Application Preflight tool to research all high-priority warnings in your application. As a best practice, perform the preflight check before you lock a RuleSet version.

Rule Type Warning Type
Rule-Obj-FlowAction Performance
Name Using Whens with Bulk Processing
Message Check 'Disqualify this action from bulk processing' whenever you specify Whens to improve the performance of showing the list of bulk processing assignments
Details N/A
Severity 3

Suggested Approach

If you have entered one or more when rules on the Security tab:

Select Disqualify this action from bulk processing? on the Actiontab:

If you use a flow action for bulk processing and the flow action contains when rule(s), they must be run against every assignment matching the chosen work type within that worklist or workbasket. This causes excessive and in most cases, unnecessary, rule executions.


Published August 11, 2008 — Updated February 19, 2016

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