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How to customize a portal navigation panel that includes only a single gadget


A developer asks: We have a portal for users in other areas of our institution only to provide them with information about existing cases.  These users do not enter new cases, so they do not have the NewTask gadget on the narrow column of their Work tab. 

The only gadget we want them to see is the Recent gadget. 

However, when the only gadget on that narrow column is Recent, then the gadget's graphics and title do not appear.  If the user opens a case and works on it, then the Case ID displays as it normally does with the gadget, but the graphics never appear.

Is this a bug, or is there a reason that the graphics do not display unless something else is there?

Suggested Approach


This behavior is by design.

1. If only there is only one space, no space bar appears.

2. If a space contains only one gadget, the gadget frame is not displayed.

  1. Save the Recent work gadget in your application RuleSet under a different name.
  2. Add a fieldset tag around it:

     <fieldset class='nav'>



Published January 26, 2006 — Updated November 15, 2015

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