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How to customize the styles of URL link text on work object forms



By default, the link text for URLs on the work form displays with a blue font. When a user hovers over the the link text, it then becomes underlined.

You can customize how it displays on your work object form, such as using an underline to indicate that the text links to a URL, by editing the work form css of your application.


Suggested Approach

This example shows you how to customize the link text of URL controls to display as underlined:

  1. Create a new skin. To create a skin, see How to use the Application Skin wizard.
  2. Open the work form css of the newly created skin by going to the Rules by Type explorer and selecting Technical > Text File then select the work form css of the skin you just created.
  3. Next, edit the CSS to customize how link text displays on the work form. For example, to customize link text so that the links always display as underlined, add the following CSS to it:

/* Anchors & Link Styles

A { text-decoration: underline; font-size: small;

A.action:hover { text-decoration: underline;

  1. Save the Text File rule form.


Published April 18, 2008 — Updated June 13, 2008

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