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How to define new properties in a Data-Party class

Published March 14, 2005 — Updated November 15, 2015


A developer asks:

(1) I want to use as much out of the box as I can and override and extend the the work party classes.  However, I want to use State/Province for Province and not have the State property appear at all. How can I do this?

(2) In addition, I'm having a problem with a summary view report on work objects: I want to display the property .pyWorkParty(Candidate).pyFullName.  I can get this property to display in a list view report, but I can't save a summary view rule with this property specified in the Drill-Down tab.  Why is this?

(3) I want users to be able to add a party in the middle of a flow. How do I do that? 

Suggested Approach

(1) Standard Data-Party classes do not let you consolidate the State and Province lists. You must create a custom party class, and put the required properties into that class.

(2) This problem with the drill-down from summary view report is a bug that has been previously reported.  

(3) You can add a party in the middle of a flow by adding a local flow action to each assignment   This lets users add a party anywhere in the flow they want.

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