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How do I address orange connection blocks in my automation?

If a solution contains a component that is no longer available to the automation using it, the component appears in orange in the automation trying to use it. This usually occurs when a global component is made local by moving the component from the Global folder to the Local folder in the automation where it is stored.

For example, Automation1 contains a global component that you change to local. Automation2 was using this component that is now exclusive to Automation1 -- the automation where it is stored. This is indicated visually by the component block on Automation2 displaying orange.

Global or project-level components, which can be stored in a Global Container project item or on the Global tab of an Automation Component tray, are visible to all automations in a project. Alternately, local or automation-level components can only be stored on the Local tab of an Automation Component tray and are visible only to the automation to which they belong.

To fix the automation, the component must be made global again or a new component must be added to the automation that contains the connection block displaying in orange.

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