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How do I make a copy of an adapter and import it back into my solution?

Follow these steps to make a copy of an adapter and import it into your solution:

  1. Copy the original adapter XML file to a temporary location outside of the project folder, such as your desktop.
  2. Open the file in a text editor and search for the Component node. The node immediately following the Component node is the one you need to edit. For instance, for a web adapter, the node will be named: OpenSpan.Adapters.Web.WebAdapter.
  3. Update the Name attribute with the new adapter name.
  4. Change the ID attribute to make it different from the original adapter. For instance, you could increment the last digit or make some other minor change to one of the characters.
  5. Save your XML file with the name you entered for the Name attribute.
  6. Import the new adapter into your solution.

You will now have two adapters with the same objects interrogated.

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