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How to embed a live URL in a SmartInfo display


You can add SmartInfo displays to labels on work object forms or flow action forms.

When a user holds the mouse pointer over the label text, a pop-up window appears. By default, the pop-up window disappears when you move the cursor from the label. You can also have the pop-up window remain open until a user manually closes it and you can include a URL link.

This article describes how to embed a live URL link into a SmartInfo display.


Suggested Approach

  1. Create a section rule to contain the content of the SmartInfo display.
  2. Drag a new section onto the rule form.
  3. In the Purpose field, choose SmartInfoClickablefrom the SmartPrompt list. This standard section sets a manual click requirement for closing the display.


  4. Click OK.
  5. In a label cell, enter content for the SmartInfo display.
  6. In another label cell where you will add the URL, click the magnifying glass icon.
  7. In the Labeltab Value field, enter the target URL reference using the following syntax:

    <a target="_pluginBlank" href="/your URL" > text caption </a>


  8. Click OK.
  9. Click the Save toolbar button.
  10. Create or open a harness, section, or flow action rule and add a SmartInfo display using the SmartLabel control. For instructions about using the SmartLabel feature to create SmartInfo displays, see How to add a SmartLabel pop-up window to a harness, section, or flow action rule.
  11. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the cell to open the Cell Properties panel
  12. In the Field tab, accept the Name field placeholder pyTemplateSmartLabel. In the Presentation tab, set Format field to SmartLabel. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the Format field to enter parameter values for this HTML Property rule.


  13. In the Param window, enter a label for the text that will open the display when clicked.
  14. In the SectionName field, select the section that you just modified from the SmartPrompt list.
  15. In the HeaderText field, enter the text for the header in the SmartInfo display.


  16. Click Save.
  17. Click OK.
  18. Click the Save icon.
  19. Run the process and step through it until you reach the form that contains the SmartInfo label text, which by default appears in a dark red font.
  20. Hover over the text. The SmartInfo pop-up window displays with the header, text, and URL that you specified. Note that to close the window, you must click the X icon in the upper right corner.


  21. Click the URL and the target displays in a separate browser.



Published April 21, 2008 — Updated April 29, 2008

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