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How to provide immediate display of computed values on a work object form


When you enable on-screen calculation, Process Commander automatically recalculates the target value of a declarative expression whenever the user moves focus from one field to another on a work object form.

Your work object forms can display updated (read-only) totals, counts, or other computed values without requiring the user to submit the form and wait for a server response.

On-screen calculation is available for flow actions and harness rules.

For V6+, refer to How to provide immediate display of computed values on a work object form.


Suggested Approach

Before you enable on-screen calculation, create a Declare Expression rule and a property rule to hold the value of that expression. Then, complete the following steps to enable on-screen calculation:

  1. Open the harness or flow action rule that will display the calculated value.
  2. Click the zzzicon to turn on the wireframe display.
  3. Select or add the field that will display the calculated value. The Field panel appears in the lower left corner of the window.
  4. Locate the Format field and enter CalculatedValue, or one of the following standard HTML Property rules that has CalculatedValueas a parameter:
    • Text
    • CurrencyAmount
    • Date
    • DateTime
    • Decimal
    • Integer
    • Percentage


  5. Select the Read Only check box.
  6. If you are using any HTML Property rule other than CalculatedValue , click the zzzicon. The Params Window appears. Select the CalculatedValuecheck box and click Save.


  7. On the HTML tab, select the Enable Expression Calculation? check box::


  1. Save the updated Harness or Flow Action form.
  2. Test.

At runtime, the system uses AJAX technology to communicate between the user workstation and the server. This communication is automatic and invisible to the user.


Published February 8, 2007 — Updated February 8, 2007

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