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How to retain pre-6.2 harness rules in applications upgraded to 6.2


The standard Work-.New, Work-.Review, Work-.Perform, and Work-.Confirm harnesses in 6.2 extensively upgraded and refer to a new set of sections with names that are distinct from those sections referenced in the corresponding 5.X-6.1 harness rules. If your application directly references these standard Work- harnesses, then you will need to either update your application to take advantage of the 6.2 versions or revert to the pre-6.2 versions of the harnesses as described in this article.

Note: If your customizations are in copies of the standard harness rules, with your own work type as an Applies To class and an application-related RuleSet, they are not affected by this issue and the procedure below is unnecessary.

In certain cases, however, an existing pre-6.2 application may have dependencies on the pre-6.2 standard sections, which are no longer referenced in the standard harnesses. This article describes the situation and a direct way to re-establish the harness rules in 6.2 that you extended in the pre-6.2 environment.

Your pre-6.2 harness rules will not look and behave correctly in a 6.2 system if both of these conditions are true:

  1. Your application directly uses some or all of the four standard pre-6.2 harness rules Work-.New, Work-.Review, Work-.Perform, and Work-.Confirm through inheritance: these rules were not copied into an application RuleSet or a work type class in your application.
  2. Your application includes custom versions of standard sections, such as Work-.CoreSummary or Work-.PartyDetail. They override the standard sections by retaining the Purpose name.

If (1) and (2) are valid for your application, use the steps below to recover the correct harness rule appearance and behavior.


Suggested Approach

Before you upgrade to 6.2

To retain your harnesses, copy the standard harness rules in your pre-6.2 system from Work- class in the Pega-ProCom RuleSet to the appropriate work classes and RuleSets, retaining the Purpose name.

Performing the copying beforethe upgrade enables you to continue using the pre-6.2 harness and section rules.


After you upgrade

If you have already performed the upgrade but had not copied the harnesses, do the following:

  1. Open the standard 6.2 harness rule (located in the Pega-EndUserUI RuleSet).
  2. Click the Related Rules toolbar button () and select the Siblings option.
  3. In the Siblings dialog, click the the Available icon ( ) for Work- class, Pega-ProCom RuleSet to open the Harness rule form.
  1. Copy the harness into your work class and RuleSet.

Benefits of the 6.2 harness and section rules

While the steps described above allow your application to operate in 6.2 as before (the 6.2 sections retain nearly all the standard properties and controls in 6.1+ sections), a redesign to base your harness rules on the 6.2 harnesses is strongly recommended. The 6.2 configurations include new sections and interface elements that are optimized for the 6.2 Case Manager portal. As a result, the harnesses are information-rich, easily configurable, and provide improved usability suitable for any existing or new application.

For example, the Confirm harness contains a section named .pyWorkRelatedDetails that lets users add and view attachments directly in the user form, rather than having to open a separate window by clicking the history icon.

As a best practice, review the 6.2 harnesses and then evaluate your original designs.

  • Determine whether the new harnesses provide the same functionality as your customized versions.
  • Consider ways to incorporate your modifications in the 6.2 harnesses.

Additional information

Maximizing reuse of harnesses and sections


Published July 25, 2011 — Updated August 9, 2011

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