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How to specify pixel width explicitly for a layout in a section rule


A developer writes:

"I want to specify the pixel width of a layout within a section rule. For example, in a copy of the Work-NewHeader rule, I might want to specify the Subject label, Subject field, Urgency Adjustment label, and Urgency Adjustment field columns to be the same size. "

"Using the section form,, I can drag each column to approximately the same size.   Or with enough time and patience, I can adjust each column, save the rule, then check the HTML tab on the Section form until the pixel widths match exactly. "

"However, for consistency with other sections which may be used in with the same harness, I'd like to specify the pixel width directly.   For example, I might want to specify the first column of each section layout to be 80px, which would allow a nice, neat, consistent display of the complete harness with minimal pain and effort."


Suggested Approach

Select the px fixedoption in your layout:


Then, when you grab the wireframes and start to move them with the mouse -- left and right and up and down to change the width and height -- you'll see, as you drag, a hover display that shows the actual pixel width.

Update: In V5.3, for px fixed layouts, you can explicitly set the width and height of each cell in a layout, providing you with full control over the size.


Published February 14, 2007 — Updated November 15, 2015

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