Index: Training Question of the Week

Pegasystems offers training classes throughout the world. During every session, we compile and review questions asked by students in order to further refine our training materials and provide answers to the questions that you feel are important.

The Training Question of the Week captures a common question per week that has been submitted by our students, and responses are compiled by instructors and posted here on the PDN.

Submitted Description Instructor
24-MAR-08 Creating and managing Operator ID's
Is there a way to load and maintain Operator IDs using LDAP?
Bruce Tanenholtz
Certified Instructor
17-MAR-08 Working with the rules assembly cache
How can I prime the rules cache to avoid the cost of rules assembly?
Bob Ellis
Lead Principal Instructor
10-MAR-08 UML state diagram equivalents in Process Commander
Does PRPC support the use of state diagrams to communicate shared object state?
Steve Youles
Certified Instructor
03-MAR-08 Covering Different Work Objects
Can a cover contain work objects from different types of work classes?
Sean Salaz
Senior Instructor
25-FEB-08 Organizational hierarchy in process Commander
How do I create additional data objects in PRPC to support an organizational hierarchy that consists of more than 3 levels?
Steve Youles
Certified Instructor
18-FEB-08 Using the Show Java icon
How can I see the Java for an activity using the "coffee cup" icon?
Bruce Tanenholtz
Certified Instructor
11-FEB-08 Can PRPC integrate with other version control software
PRPC maintains rule versioning using RuleSets. PRPC can create an export file (.zip) which is considered a versioned package of rules.
Bill Rathert
Senior Instructor
04-FEB-08 Configuring for and supporting a maximum number of users
What is the maximum number of concurrent users that PRPC can handle, and what configuration is required to achieve this on an app server like WebSphere?
Mike Bentley
Course Development Manager
28-JAN-08 Rule Resolution and Skimming
What should we do with older rules in production that aren't assigned a higher version number during skimming?
Shawn Morrissey
Principal Instructor
21-JAN-08 Measuring Work Object Processing Time
Are there standard properties that we can use to measure the actual time taken to process a work object at each assignment?
Steve Youles
Certified Instructor
14-JAN-08 Password Control
Does PRPC support the ability to enforce password compliance requirements without additional software?
Jeff Vande Wege
Certified Instructor
07-JAN-08 Work Object Locking
Is there a way to lock a work object to prevent a user from changing the object while someone else is working on it?
James Adair
Certified Instructor
14-DEC-07 Using Tracer
How can I use the Tracer to display the value of Local variables in an activity?
Bruce Tanenholtz
Certified Instructor
07-DEC-07 Using Crystal Reports
How can I use Crystal Reports to report on data stored in a PRPC database? I was told that I can "expose" PRPC data in a database, but I'm not too clear on what that means.
Bob Lloyd
Certified Instructor


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