INTG0002: FTP connector failure

The INTG0002 event is generated when the Connect-FTP method fails while trying to copy a file from one file system to another file system by using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Reason for the event

When your application sends a request to an external system via the Connect-FTP method, the application receives a response within the time that is set in the Connect-FTP rule. If the request does not reach the external system, or the system does not respond within the time limit, Pega Platform™ generates an exception. Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ (PDC) receives the exception, and creates an INTG0002 event. PDC creates a unique ConnectFTPFailure- case for each connector that times out.

For more information, see Event grouping in Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud cases.

Example message text

Alert "Connect-FTP Failure" observed by "<server name>" for system "<system name>" node "<node name>" : " INTG0002 : Connect-FTP Failure


Perform the following actions:

  • Open the case and review the events in the Associated Events section.
  • Verify that the properties in the exception are referenced correctly.
  • Use the Tracer tool or other debugging options to evaluate whether the data is present and formatted as expected.
  • If the issue is sporadic, add logic to the application to ensure that the data is correct before calling the connector.
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