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Adding the push notifications shape to a workflow

You configure push notifications by adding a Push Notification smart shape to a workflow. You add a Push Notification smart shape before an assignment shape and configure it to send a push notification to a user's mobile device. The notification indicates that an appraisal is ready for user's review.

Push notifications work only in the context of the current mobile app. A user must sign in to the same app from which push notifications are sent.

To add a Push Notification smart shape to your app:

  1. In Dev Studio, when in a workflow, right-click the design canvas to display the context menu.

  2. Click Add Smart Shapes and select Push Notification.

  3. Connect the Push Notification Smart Shape to other shapes in your workflow.

  4. Double-click the Push Notification Smart Shape and configure the fields in the pop-up window:

    1. In the To field, define the target audience of the notification.

    2. In the Message field, define the content of the notification.

    3. In the Badge count, select a rule to increment the number of notifications sent to a device.

  5. Click Submit.

  • Configuring push notifications for Android apps

    Keep the users up-to-date with various events in your business process by enabling automatic push notifications in your mobile app for Android devices.

  • Configuring push notifications on iOS

    You configure the push notifications for the iOS mobile app in a new or an already existing iOS certificate set that contains mobile provisioning with push notifications enabled. You must upload a .p12 file containing an Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificate used for push notifications. After you configure the options described in the following procedure, push notifications will be enabled for the iOS mobile app.

  • Sending push notifications with the push console

    Send custom push notifications to all or specific users of your mobile app by using the push console in the mobile channel.

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