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Offline-supported actions


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Offline-enabled mobile apps only support a specific set of actions.

The actions available in offline-enabled mobile apps belong to six different categories, as follows:


  • Close
  • Expand/Collapse
  • Menu
    The default load behavior of the Menu action is At Screen Load. If the menu data is populated by actions prior to the Menu action, the prior actions are not executed for the load type At Screen Load. Offline-enabled mobile apps do not support context-driven menus.
  • Post value
  • Refresh
  • Set focus
  • Set style
  • Set value

Process Work

  • Add new work
  • Cancel
  • Finish assignment
  • Save


  • Harness
    Offline-enabled mobile apps only support New document and Replace current as target options for actions that launch a harness (the Pop-up window and Ajax container options for harness actions are not supported in offline mode). Replace current is not a dynamic container action, therefore New document is recommended.
  • Local action
    Offline-enabled mobile apps only support Modal dialog and Overlay as target options for actions that launch a local action (the Replace current option for local actions is not supported in offline mode). For more information, see Local actions in offline mode.
  • Scan Barcode/QR code

Get Work

  • Create work (with parameter support)
  • Open assignment
  • Open work by handle


  • Set focus


  • Log off
  • Run data transform
  • Run script
  • Local actions in offline mode

    Offline-enabled mobile apps support local actions to a certain extent. By learning about the local actions, you can ensure that your offline-enabled mobile app that uses such actions operates reliably.

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