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Uploading custom font files


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Upload new font files to customize and improve the user interface of your mobile apps. You can change fonts for the text that is displayed on native elements of your mobile app, or replace the font for icons in your imported mobile app.

In Pega Platform, you store font files as binary files. For more information, see Keystores.
  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Create Technical Binary File .

  2. On the Create Binary File form, in the Label field, enter the font name, for example, MyFontNameRegular or UIKitIcons.

  3. In the App Name (Directory) field, enter the name of the folder that contains your font file, for example, myAppName.

  4. In the File Type (extension) field, enter ttf.

  5. Click Create and Open.

  6. On the Edit Binary File form, click Upload file.

  7. In the Upload file window, click Choose file, select the font file, and then click Upload file.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Optional:

    To use other font weights that belong to the same text font family, repeat steps 1 through 8, and then upload font files for each of the weights.

    You can upload such fonts as MyFontNameBold.ttf and MyFontNameLight.ttf.
    A TTF file contains one font weight only.
Modify the fonts list:

  • Customizing fonts for the native mobile app components

    Customize the fonts for the text that is displayed on the header or the bottom bar of your mobile app, to conform to your company's branding and to improve readability.

  • Replacing the icon font in imported applications

    Ensure that your mobile app is displayed properly with the Mobile – Slide Up layout, by replacing the font for icons on the header or the bottom bar. Complete this procedure when the UI Kit in your application is in an earlier version than version 14, and you do not add the latest UI Kit to your application stack.

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