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Uploading a signing certificate

You upload a signing certificate .p12 file from your local directory to a new certificate set. A signing certificate is used for digitally signing entries, such as installer packages, email messages, and similar items.

  1. Create an iOS certificate set.

    For more information, see Creating an iOS certificate set.
  2. Next to the Signing certificate field, click New.

  3. Click Browse, and select the signing certificate .p12 file from your directory.

  4. In the Certificate name field, enter the name for the certificate. The name cannot include underscore ( _ ), hyphen (-), or period (.) characters.

  5. In the Encryption password field, enter the encryption password for the certificate.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click Submit.

After you upload an iOS signing certificate for an existing certificate set, you can select this modified certificate set for your iOS custom app. For more information, see Selecting an iOS certificate set.

  • Generating installation packages

    Convert your application into an app that users can install on their mobile devices. You can generate both Android and iOS apps, which helps you meet the needs of a wide array of mobile users.

  • iOS certificate set

    A certificate set defines certain parameters of the mobile app for iOS that you are creating.

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