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Working with offline-enabled mobile apps


Even when the connection to the network is unreliable and the server might not always be available, with offline-enabled mobile apps users can continue working in the application.

Pega Platform provides the tools to build offline-enabled mobile apps for a seamless mobile user experience. For apps that you build with the offline capability, users can create a case and complete any of the assignments from the worklist, without the need to access the network. When you design and develop offline-enabled mobile apps, you configure certain settings differently from online-only mobile apps.

The Expenses mobile app that the uPlus company employees use to submit and manage expense reports operates when mobile devices are online. To help users report their expenses in areas with insufficient network coverage, the company wants to expand the mobile app by adding offline support. As a developer, your task is to create an offline-enabled mobile app for filling and advancing expense claims, even if the device is not connected to a network. When the mobile app regains network connectivity, all data and status changes immediately synchronize with the server.

  • Designing apps for offline mode

    Design mobile apps that operate reliably on mobile devices, regardless of the connection status. To ensure that your mobile app works without a network connection, apply the best practices for configuring settings differently from online-only apps.

  • Enabling case processing in offline-enabled mobile apps

    Improve the usability of your mobile app with offline functionality. With an offline-enabled mobile app, users can advance existing cases, create new cases, and open pages, even if the users' mobile devices cannot connect with the server.

  • Understanding offline features

    When you design an application to work on a mobile device, and then expand the application to let users create and advance cases offline, to ensure that your application operates reliably without a network connection, get familiar with a detailed description of individual offline-supported features.

  • Server-side postprocessing in offline mode

    By using an offline option in the case type settings, you can invoke or skip the server-side postprocessing of a flow action and question smart shape for offline-enabled cases. By default, the Only perform postprocessing on client check box is cleared.

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