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Offline-supported flow processing features


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Offline-enabled mobile apps support a selected set of flow processing features. To ensure that your application operates reliably without a network connection, get familiar with the flow processing features that are supported in offline mode.

In offline-enabled mobile apps, only the following features are available:
  • Creating cases
  • Performing assignments (including back-to-back case steps)
  • Creating manually instantiated subcases
  • Creating automatically instantiated subcases
  • Creating work with parameters
  • Executing regular flows and screen flows
  • Creating parameterized flow actions and sections
  • Showing flow results with properties
  • Going back in a flow
  • Creating subprocesses
  • Creating optional processes
  • Routing work to other users
  • Skipping server post-processing activities
  • Evaluating decision shapes with decision tables, when rules, decision trees, and simple Boolean expressions
  • Applying data transforms on flow connectors:
    • Running pre-flow and post-flow action data transforms
    • Executing actions in Data transform rules
    • Executing pre-activities and post-activities for screenflow steps
  • Supporting Pega Survey:
    • Questions
    • Question pages
    • Surveys
    • Branching logic (branching to another question based on the answer)
    • Display logic (hiding questions on the screen based on conditions)
    • Warning messages
  • Supporting autopopulated properties
  • Supporting client-side JavaScript-based declaratives
  • Executing validate rules
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