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Retrieving mobile device logs


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Troubleshoot mobile apps and support app users by retrieving and analyzing logs specific to a selected mobile device. Specify the log event type and time range for which you want to retrieve the logs, so that the results relate to the issue that you are investigating.

If you select the Silent logging level when you build the mobile app, the logs are empty.
To troubleshoot an issue that occurs on a specific mobile device and relates to an app with the logging level set to Silent (or another level that does not provide enough information about the issue), rebuild the app with an applicable logging level and ask the user to recreate the steps on their mobile device in the rebuilt app. For more information, see Generating installation packages.
  1. Open your mobile channel:

    1. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Channels.

    2. In the Current channel interfaces section, click the tile that represents a mobile channel for your app.

  2. Click the Manage tab.

  3. In the Retrieve device log section, in the Operator ID field, select the user ID for which you want to retrieve the logs.

  4. In the Log level field, select the type of events that you want to include in the device logs:

    • To retrieve logs about serious errors, select Error.
    • To retrieve logs about events that might have negative consequences, select Warning.
    • To retrieve logs about run-time events, select Info.
    • To retrieve logs about all events for debugging, select Debug.
    • To retrieve logs about all available events, such as localization updates, select Verbose.
    Pega Platform retrieves logs for the selected events and for events with higher severity. For example, if you select Warning, Pega Platform retrieves logs for Warning and Error event types.
  5. In the Log history section, select the time period for which you want to retrieve the logs:

    • To retrieve all logs that are stored on the device for the mobile app, click All available history.
    • To retrieve logs for a specified period, click Specify a date range, and then select the start and end dates in the Universal Time (UTC) time zone.
  6. Click Retrieve log.

When the user restarts the mobile app, the app sends the requested logs from the device to Pega Platform.
If you make multiple retrieve requests before the user restarts the mobile app, Pega Platform retrieves the logs only for the most recent request.
A mobile app developer for the uPlus company retrieves device logs with severity Debug and higher, for the month of March 2021.
Sample settings for retrieving device logs in Pega Platform
The Manage tab with a highlighted Retrieve device logs section. Settings specify that
            logs are to be retrieved for a selected user, for the log level Debug, for a specific
            date range (March 2021).
View and analyze the device log that you retrieved. For more information, see Viewing mobile device logs.

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