OPS0027: Agent status issues: excessive run duration

Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud™ (PDC) generates the OPS0027 event when an agent has been running for an excessively long time.

Reason for the event

Pega Platform™ sends agent status information periodically to PDC. PDC analyzes this information, and if an agent has been running for an excessively long time, PDC generates an OPS0027 event and creates an AgentState case for each agent that has these issues. An excessive run duration of an agent might mean that the agent has gone into a loop or has stopped working as expected.

You can receive a notification for each occurrence of this event by subscribing to the Agent status issues notification.

Example message text

PegaAES Case Updates has excessive run duration on util-i-1e161c77986c419c9. Last Run Start: 20190509T043542.053 GMT Next Run Start: 20190509T053542.051 GMT

Recommended next steps

To resolve the issue with an agent that has been running for an excessively long time, check whether the agent is running incorrectly, or whether the system is sending incorrect information about the agent.

  1. If the agent is enabled to write data to log files, check the log files for the most recent entries from the agent.
  2. If the log files do not provide enough information, perform a stack trace to check whether the agent is running correctly:
    1. In the navigation pane of Admin Studio, click Resources > Requestors.
      For more information, see Managing requestors.
    2. In the list in the upper-left corner, select Any node, and then, enter the node that is reporting the issue.
    3. Filter the list of requestors by clicking the arrow in the Active thread column.
      • On Tomcat or other WAR deployment, filter by PegaRules-batch* threads.
      • On WebSphere, filter by a work manager thread.
    4. Select the requestor associated with an active ‘agent’ Java thread.
    5. Click the More icon at the end of a row, and then click Trace Entry Details.
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