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PDN Changes in Navigation

Why Make the Changes?
As more Knowledgebase articles are added to the PDN, their category index pages have become longer and more difficult to browse. Members have told us that they generally perform a Ctrl+F (Find in Page) operation to look for article title keywords on the index pages, so we've made it easier to quickly jump from the PDN home page to sub-topics in the category index pages.


Using the 2008 navigation structure shown below, members would select the Browse Knowledgebase link, then a topic area, landing at the top of a long page of KB articles. That made browsing cumbersome and also assumed that you were browsing the correct KB section for the materials you needed.

Mixed Left Navigation (2008 Model)
Mixed Left Navigation (2008 Model)

Using the new navigation, you'll see that all of the non-KB links that used to be in the left-navigation (Pega Exchange, Our Products, Deployment, Integration, System Tools, Technology Papers, and Webinars) have moved to the top menu under the Our Products, or Resource Library links (see below).


New Top Menu Item: Our Products             Resource Library Sections Updated
New Top Menu Item: Our Products Resource Library Sections Updated


Faster Browsing
The updated design now reveals all of the KB sub-topics and helps you browse more material without forcing you to land at the top of the KB index pages. For example, browsing the PegaRULES Database information specific to Microsoft SQL Server is now a one-click exercise.


KB Sub-topics now visible from the home page
KB Sub-topics now visible from the home page

This design also helps new users understand the topic areas and the concepts/features related to them, and veteran PDN members can quickly browse multiple KB categories from a single navigational interface.

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Topics are clearer and contents are more directly accessible

A Living and Breathing Thing
Walt Disney referred to Disneyland as "a living and breathing thing" that would never be finished. In much the same way, the PDN's layout, content organization, and search will always continue to evolve, and it does so based upon member feedback. If you have suggestions for future enhancements, please let us know.

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