Pega 1:1 Operations Manager 8.5 User Guide


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Pega 1:1 Operations Manager is a new module of Pega Customer Decision Hub. Use Pega 1:1 Operations Manager in conjunction with Revision Management to push business-as-usual changes into production. In Pega 1:1 Operations Manager 8.5, users can create and deploy new actions to production, as well as request updates to existing actions.

Pega 1:1 Operations Manager requires an overlay application and supports using multiple overlays at the same time. For more information, see the Pega 1:1 Operations Manager Implementation Guide on the Pega Customer Decision Hub product page. The application is not intended to be deployed to production.

Understanding the relationship between Pega 1:1 Operations Manager and Revision Management

Pega 1:1 Operations Manager extends the standard Revision Management capabilities of Pega Customer Decision Hub by providing a simple process where a business-as-usual change request is triggered by a non-technical team member with the use of a transparent user interface. In this way, Pega 1:1 Operations Manager makes it possible to quickly record and process standard, high-volume change requests related to actions.

Pega 1:1 Operations Manager uses the same flows and activities as standard Revision Management. Because of that, it seamlessly integrates with Revision Management and complements normal Revision Management operations. For example, if a change request is withdrawn or rejected in Pega 1:1 Operations Manager, the status also changes in Revision Manager. If a revision is withdrawn or rejected in Revision Manager, the status change is reflected in Pega 1:1 Operations Manager.

Pega 1:1 Operations Manager does not support fast-track revisions. To manage emergency high-priority or emergency rule changes, use the fast-track capacity provided by Revision Management.

Understanding the change request flow in Pega 1:1 Operations Manager

The Pega 1:1 Operations Manager change request flow consists of the following stages:

  1. Request - In this stage, any team member in your Operations Manager implementation application, can request a change. For example, an analyst can request an update to a marketing action, or the creation of a new action to cover a business requirement. For more information, see Creating a change request in Pega 1:1 Operations Manager.
  2. Approve - In this stage, a team lead in the <your Operations Manager implementation application>:TeamLead access group receives the change request, reviews the detail, and indicates whether or not the requested change should be implemented. For more information, see Approving a change request.
  3. Plan - In this stage, after the change request has been approved by a team lead, it is sent back to the original requester for additional grooming. For more information, see Grooming a change request.
  4. Build - In this stage, a technical team member in the <your Operations Manager implementation application>:NBASpecialist access group works on the tasks required to complete the request. For more information, see Working on the change request.
  5. Test - This stage is an extension point where you can implement your own testing process. In future versions of Pega 1:1 Operations Manager, a default testing process will be implemented.
  6. Deploy - In this stage, a team lead reviews the implemented changes, and then submits them for deployment. For more information, see Deploying the change request.

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