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Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3 Release Notes

Pega® Autonomic Event Services 7.3 includes several enhancements, such as support for several new performance and security alerts, basic support for custom and nonstandard alerts, manual refresh of scorecards, additional advice for top-level browser and service alerts, declarative partitioning, an improved scorecard, and a new system health grading system with customizable grade thresholds.

For more information and a list of additional documentation available for this release, see the Pega Autonomic Event Services product page.

For more information about Pega Platform 7.3, see Pega Platform Release Notes.

Support for new performance alerts

Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3 introduces full support for several new types of alert messages. It has unique action item types, correlation logic, and advice for each of the following newly added alerts:

  • PEGA0055 - Clock drift exceeded the configured time threshold; this issue is now treated as an urgent event
  • PEGA0058 - Interaction History read time above threshold
  • PEGA0059 - Interaction History write time above threshold
  • PEGA0060 - Number of Interaction History rows read above threshold
  • PEGA0061 - Number of Interaction History rows written above threshold
  • PEGA0062 - Data Flow execution time above threshold
  • PEGA0063 - Decision Strategy execution time above threshold
  • PEGA0064 - Maximum number of rows processed by the strategy above threshold
  • PEGA0065 - Adaptive Decision Manager set response time above threshold (include payload size)
  • PEGA0066 - Mobile App Data-Sync Failure
  • PEGA0067 - DSM social media dataset error
  • PEGA0068 - DSM social media dataset warning
  • PEGA0069 - Client page load time
  • PEGA0070 - Adaptive Decision Manager has used 90% of the allocated memory
  • PEGA0074 - Decision Data Store write time above threshold
  • PEGA0075 - Decision Data Store read time above threshold
  • PEGA0076 - Decision Strategy Manager service node is unreachable
  • PEGA0077 - Data Flow assignment time above threshold
  • PEGA0078 - Number of records returned by the Compose shape is above threshold
  • PEGA0079 - Record size written by Decision Data Store above threshold
  • PEGA0080 - Record size read by Decision Data Store above threshold
  • PEGA0081 - Visual Business Director query time above threshold
  • PEGA0084 - Search node count
  • PEGA0085 - Decision Data Store disk space below threshold
  • PEGA0086 - Requestor locked by a busy thread
  • PEGA0087 - Service SLA violation

For more information about Pega Platform alert messages, see Performance alerts, security alerts, and Autonomic Event Services.

Support for security alerts

Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3 now supports security alerts. The application can analyze these alerts, create action items for them, and send critical alert emails when appropriate. Security alerts ensure that system administrators are informed whenever the security of a Pega Platform web node server is at risk.

For more information about Pega Platform alert messages, see Performance alerts, security alerts, and Autonomic Event Services.

Basic support for custom and nonstandard alert messages

Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3 adds basic support for custom and nonstandard alert messages. It creates a single action item case for each such alert per system.

Query counts and times for top-level browser and service alerts

Additional advice provided with PEGA0001 and PEGA0011 action items now indicates when many database queries in an interaction are collectively taking a significant amount of time. This information helps application developers and system administrators to quickly understand the root cause of slow browser and service response times and improve the user experience of an application.

Declarative partitioning

Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3 includes an extension point that simplifies database partitioning and optimizes database storage management. Sample implementation for Postgres DBMS is available on request.

New notification scorecards

Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3 adds several new types of notification scorecards for which managers can add subscriptions. Specified recipients can now stay informed about the following new events:

  • Adaptive Decision Manager Memory - Notifies of PEGA0070 alerts, when the Adaptive Decision Manager service has used at least 90% of the allocated memory. The allocated memory is a user-specified threshold that is a part of the service definition.
  • Requestor Lock Exception - Notifies of PEGA0086 alerts, when the maximum number of attempts to acquire a lock on a requestor has been exceeded and a thread fails to obtain a lock on the requestor and displays the RequestorLockException message.
  • Clock drift time exceeded - Notifies of PEGA0055 alerts, when the clock drift in any of the participating nodes in a multinode cluster exceeds the configured time threshold.
  • Decision Data Store disk space below threshold - Notifies of PEGA0085 alerts, when the amount of free disk space on a Decision Data Store node is lower than the amount of disk space that is used by Cassandra on this node.
  • Decision Strategy Manager service node is unreachable - Notifies of PEGA0076 alerts, when, for any Decision Strategy Manager (DSM) service, the status of a designated node changes from normal to unreachable. This issue can occur for all the DSM services (Decision Data Store, Adaptive Decision Manager, Visual Business Director, Data Flow).
  • Service SLA violation - Notifies of PEGA0087 alerts, when a service-level agreement (SLA) violation for a service is detected and a fallback activity is in use.
  • Social media error - Notifies of PEGA0067 alerts, when the social media data set (Facebook or Twitter) that is the source of a data flow encounters a fatal error that stops the data flow.

For more information, see Managing Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud scorecard and alert subscriptions.

Manual refresh of scorecards

It is now possible to manually update a selected scorecard. Managers who use Pega Autonomic Event Services to actively assign action items to users and workbaskets, close items that have been fixed, and tag items with tracking system IDs can regenerate a scorecard to reflect the changes by clicking an icon on the dashboard.

Improved scorecard with simpler and transparent system grades

Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3 introduces a new grading system for system health. The overall system health takes into account three subgrades: browser response time, service response time, and alert and exceptions rate. Three icons for each grade on the scorecard categorize the status as healthy, warning, or critical.

A new section displays the top operation issues, which might directly result from browser or service interactions. For example, the PEGA0017: Cache exceeds limit alert is a typical alert in this category.

For more information about the scorecard, see Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud scorecard overview.

The information in the Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud scorecard article also applies to Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.3.

Grade thresholds customized per system

Managers can now define custom thresholds for each subgrade for each monitored system. The ability to adjust the default values increases confidence in the grades, and is especially useful, for example, when a system with unique requirements is expected to send an unusually large number of alerts of one kind.

Issues addressed in this release

The following issues have been resolved in this release. These issues are likely to have the most effect on the Pega user and developer community.

ID Description
BUG-330895 Incorrect link for an exception item in the Dashboard.
BUG-329014 In the Verify the report Throughput in past week by work type report, the chart is empty.
BUG-331163 The PDN link is missing for PEGA0074 alerts.
BUG-331519 In Custom Node Reports, clusters with more than one node have duplicate entries in the Select a Cluster list.
BUG-331259 Subscribed Alert Email scorecard is never sent.
BUG-329001 On server restart, Pega Autonomic Event Services throws exceptions while trying to pull data.
BUG-331001 The Disable Enterprise health 'drill in' features check box in System Settings is cleared although the underlying feature is enabled.
BUG-332458 The Action/Exception Items Urgency Update agent has an incorrect time zone setting.
BUG-331162 Pega Autonomic Event Services does not save pulled LogUsage data into the PegaAES-Data-LogUsage class, causing blanks on the Weekly Scorecard.
BUG-332685 Microsoft SQL Server: Cleanup agent fails while User-Defined Functions (UDFs) are disabled on the database.
BUG-329097 The available items report does not display data.
BUG-330134 Clicking the Summary tab in the Enterprise Health console causes exceptions.
BUG-328879 Alerts with KPI value lower than 0 are not created.
BUG-329809 NullPointerException occurs when aesuser tries to access the Reports page.
BUG-306164 Details for PEGA0086 alert do not display stack and trace data.
BUG-330719 Emailed scorecard for Requestor Lock Exception does not display a solution.
BUG-294367 Reports: the Select a node list is empty for aesuser in the AESWorkUserV7 access group.
BUG-257464 The Cause tab for the cacheForced- work object is not necessary; to save resources, it should not appear.
BUG-329489 Incorrect PDN links in some work items.
BUG-329485 Clicking on a requestors record in the Enterprise Health console causes an error.
BUG-328747 An offline system removed from the Enterprise Health console reappears after a few seconds.
BUG-325876 Pega Autonomic Event Services allows uppercase node IDs.
BUG-324947 The Enterprise Health console displays production level 0 for some systems.
BUG-326001 Pega Autonomic Event Services displays errors after trying to pull data.
BUG-326434 Agent number threshold is too low for Pega Platform 7.3 WebUser nodes.
BUG-312869 Compilation errors appear in catalina.out on system start.
BUG-290023 Similar messages with unexpected properties are not correlated correctly.
BUG-317186 Alert Distribution Analysis does not display STDDEV values.
BUG-324935 The SaveSummaryFromSnapshot DSS (Dynamic System Settings) does not work as expected.
BUG-312405 The Delete Node feature in the Enterprise Health console removes alerts, exceptions, and statistics.
BUG-322608 Analyze Application Perf for Alerts reports do not work as expected.
BUG-307276 webwb.workform_pyreportingskin.css is not compatible with Pega Platform 7.2.
BUG-273154 Oracle error ORA-12899: value is too large for column "PEGAAM_ALERT".PEGATHREADNAME.
BUG-320997 Cannot navigate between MU- cases and PEGA0028 alerts.
BUG-300248 Connection string is blank for a monitored Pega Platform 7.1.5 node deployed on WebLogic.
BUG-320995 Memory alerts have KPIThresholds higher than the KPIThreshold property can handle, causing errors on displaying details of a memory accumulator alert.
BUG-317141 Urgency explanation on exceptions is not displayed.
BUG-321026 Parsing an update query with an APPEND hint is causing the application to hang.
BUG-322263 Emails use the old weekly scorecard layout.
BUG-313752 Data is truncated in 32-character database columns storing node IDs.
BUG-310052 occurs when refreshing the scorecard.
BUG-317184 Thousands of action items are created because of incorrect PEGA0069 correlation.
BUG-278480 The same exception can be logged twice.
BUG-314645 Invalid argument to native writeImage.
BUG-229814 Assigned To is updated with blank when user clicks Cancel.
BUG-312518 Tables do not contain Pega Platform Required columns.
BUG-315356 Exception-3754: String index out of range: -109 occurs on the production server.
BUG-315278 The PEGA0028 alert is causing a Perform Critical Alert Analysis agent error.
BUG-314405 All scorecards and dashboards are showing Alerts and Exceptions percentage as 0.
BUG-313333 CallcleanupAESAgent runs too frequently and causes lockups to the pegaam_alert table.
BUG-306171 Operations Management dashboard section counts are wrong.
BUG-313252 Add the HealthStatusChange scorecard to Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.2.
BUG-289249 Report charts and data do not line up.
BUG-310667 When changing the password, does not always confirm that passwords must match.
BUG-253628 Open_ElevatedKPI status is changed to Open_InProgress.
BUG-311246 CallcleanupAESAgent crashes.
BUG-261259 System reports default start/end dates include time.
BUG-312366 Incorrect PDN link in the weekly scorecard.
BUG-242897 Error when doing Regenerate advice action work.
BUG-302525 New items are created in the Unassigned workbasket instead of in the Triage workbasket.
BUG-294196 User cannot change password.
BUG-305654 The Refresh button does not work for the PegaInternal user.
BUG-309942 On Monday, mashup displays two columns with incorrect column labels.
BUG-309391 Mashup data is inconsistent with scorecards.
BUG-306984 Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.2 cannot create custom reports because it lacks webwb.workform_pyreportingskin.css.
BUG-308042 Action items are not getting assigned to an operator correctly.
BUG-303334 The Delete System process can time out.
BUG-301232 Node records are re-created when restarting a monitored node.
BUG-293792 Wrong users are shown in "Assigned To" in Pega Autonomic Event Services action items.
BUG-294397 Discrepancy between user count and the Max Unique Users report.
BUG-292685 Wrong parameter passed to the Embed-ListParams.getC activity.
BUG-294402 Report MaxUniqueUsersByDayEnterprise from Reporting > Enterprise > Unique Users does not agree with the scorecard reports user count.
BUG-294194 Cannot select fields in custom reports.
BUG-295244 Items in state Resolved-Closed do not reopen when they reoccur.
BUG-294183 Node list in Pega Autonomic Event Services 7.2 is missing columns that were present in version 7.1.7.
BUG-292159 Alert cause is not displayed for some alerts.
BUG-293822 Current system is lost when clicking back to reports.
BUG-290399 Report definition AlertCountSummaryForScorecard is failing frequently because of timing out.
BUG-291716 Scorecard urgency and work object urgency do not match.
BUG-289035 Current system is lost when clicking back to reports.
BUG-286602 Calculations are using wrong time ranges.
BUG-288123 Remove pzpvstream from processing info table to limit BLOB usage.
BUG-287521 A table is missing for agent monitoring.
BUG-285652 Integration fails on the bad data-admin-db-table record.
BUG-258019 Slow AvgKPIInTimeRangeByPCFAndCategory report execution.
BUG-282661 The Reports tab is not displayed by default.
BUG-280608 Database query in parseAlertLine is taking more than the set threshold.
BUG-274906 Browser freezes on invalid input in the time series report.
BUG-274905 Table labels are missing in the alerts by day report.
BUG-258013 The AlertCountSummaryForScorecard report is running slowly.
BUG-247223 The message "This is a PRPC query and has already been carefully optimized" is inaccurate.
BUG-269866 Nodes do not appear for a cluster.
BUG-269743 UDFs are required by default on MS SQL.
BUG-262724 The AlertGroupProblemCorrelationCommon report runs slowly.
BUG-268292 The java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundException occurs while running the Process Problem Correlation activity.
BUG-265976 Enterprise Health console features do not work at cluster level because of authentication issues.
BUG-260176 RDBIO average trips value.
BUG-260179 Incorrect spelling in RDBIO and DBIO advice.
BUG-259474 File name validation logic in ParseLogForExceptions.
BUG-257444 Alerts by Category by Day report not displaying complete data.
BUG-258638 Failed to find instance PegaAES-Data-IndicatorComp.ShowMessage of type Rule-Obj-HTML.
BUG-258641 NoSuchMethodException loading CompareBenefits.
BUG-258231 Remove unnecessary precision for WarningSeverity and WarningCount.
BUG-257826 Change observations description.
BUG-257521 Fix the formatting of the DBIO average percentage.
BUG-257833 Fix observation message when an average number of trips to the database is one.
BUG-254640 Benefits should be sorted.
BUG-256369 Error parsing PEGA0008.
BUG-252074 The nodes data page is refreshed too often.
BUG-255884 Fix the formatting of average percent.
BUG-255885 Fix the inconsistent formatting of numbers in the Performance tab.
BUG-254641 Fix the formatting of the average query counts number in advice.
BUG-253235 Large number of PegaAES-Work-Action-DeclareIndexesThreshold work objects.
BUG-253241 Large number of PegaAES-Work-Action-HTTPRequestCorrupted work objects.
BUG-254958 The reference pyWorkPage.CumulativePalStats() is not valid.
BUG-249005 Incorrect package exception for the last30minutesfornodex activity.
BUG-250356 Could not find an implementation of Rule-Connect-SQL.
BUG-249849 Fix the From name field in emails based on the UserName.
BUG-249023 Issue in Weekly Summary table in the scorecard.
BUG-221103 LogHelper: SOAP service fails while parsing Exception-826.
BUG-242910 Cannot filter the records based on the Unassigned workbasket in the My Work page.
BUG-241694 purgeOldData delete limit with MS SQL Server.
BUG-247585 Remove validation on file name to upload exception log.
BUG-249006 Time Range Reports alignment is not correct.
BUG-247063 JFreeLibrary is referencing getAESChart from an old rule set.
BUG-247760 Duplicate alerts are not setting a flag on node page.
BUG-242912 In My Group, View Queue for Pega Autonomic Event Services actions is listing exceptions.
BUG-237929 Last week occurrences count is incorrect in urgency explanation.
BUG-247380 If agent node is down, other node should pick up the agents.
BUG-243624 Success message is not appearing after updating configuration.
BUG-243075 Critical Events Table has null entries for pxCreateDateTime.
BUG-247046 Handle duplicate key exception.
BUG-242180 Scorecard showing metrics for incorrect dates.
BUG-238877 DC Enterprise Chart does not display data on production.
BUG-241721 Offline upload requires a log name with a specific prefix.
BUG-244434 Correctly update alert count.
BUG-228010 Data-Admin-System-PDCConfiguration instances do not appear.
BUG-244416 Correctly handle all outbound email ports.
BUG-245403 Attachment is not required for scorecard email.
BUG-242877 Chart is missing when you access admin > weekly scorecard.
BUG-245272 The StartStopAccess DSS does not disable Pega Autonomic Event Services listener context.
BUG-239887 The top status message incorrectly displays "by 0%".
BUG-241440 Observing UNAVBL in the Weekly Summary table.
BUG-242368 The top 10 browser items do not match the top 10 by urgency.
BUG-243078 ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allowed for column.
BUG-242708 Ruleset AESCriteria 01-01-01 is dependent on the wrong ruleset.
BUG-242709 Decision table CustCheckIgnoreAlert references non-existent property isIgnoredElevatedKPI.
BUG-241947 Chart shows only partial data.
BUG-241032 Should not show removed scorecard names in the email subscription pages.
BUG-241015 InvalidReferenceException if nodes have special characters.
BUG-241294 Exceptions Event counts are incorrect in scorecard.
BUG-238826 Issue with daylight saving time.
BUG-236624 Should not show the top issues status message if logusage is not available.
BUG-238782 Issue with JFreeChart in 7.2.
BUG-231360 InvalidValueException: String was not a date.
BUG-236596 PDN link is incorrect for CacheForced workobject.
BUG-237034 System Connectivity Report timing out.
BUG-236079 Formatting issues with the Time (%) column in the scorecard email.
BUG-233349 New Items Daily Scorecard email has empty parenthesis.
BUG-234888 Optimize properties for reporting.
BUG-234079 Time (%) column is missing in the scorecard email.
BUG-234775 Values are above 100% in Top Service Items section.
BUG-234685 Incorrect PDN link for DPFreqLoad work object (PEGA0053 alert).
BUG-231472 Scorecard is not printing properly.
BUG-229505 Null Pointer Exception on sending scorecard email without a scorecard snapshot instance.
BUG-235231 Alerts List report definition is timing out.
BUG-217308 InvalidReferenceException because of dash in node name.
BUG-218127 Enterprise Health console incorrectly displays quiesced nodes.
BUG-233796 The Top Issues section of email scorecard should show notification when no data.
BUG-233725 Incorrect alignments in the PDF scorecard.
BUG-235230 Duplicate Totals row in performance metrics in PDF scorecard.
BUG-234098 Daily Monitoring Email is causing the ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception.
BUG-233932 Details of the last day of Daily Performance metrics are incomplete.
BUG-235371 Scorecard incorrectly displays extra data in daily metrics section.
BUG-234578 Number of urgencies for Service Items is 0.
BUG-235286 Description problem in DPFreqLoad action item.
BUG-233786 Showing '1 minutes' instead of '1 minute' in scorecard.
BUG-232435 Browser performance metrics show incorrect dates.
BUG-233787 Show message if the Weekly Summary table has no data.
BUG-230098 Downloading scorecard PDF does not work.
BUG-233159 Scorecard: Unable to open exception items from scorecard email.
BUG-233259 Exception-931: CurrentWeekOccurrences and LastWeekOccurrences.
BUG-232720 Invalid characters in node name cause exceptions.
BUG-231319 Unable to generate Alerts by Category by Day Report.
BUG-231318 Unable to create a subscription for the Agent Disabled scorecard.
BUG-231181 Event Frequency, Event Count, and Total KPI always setting up to 0 cause incorrect urgency status.
BUG-231003 Duplicate entries in the Weekly Performance Metrics.
BUG-230155 Custom Node Reports display an error message.
BUG-231167 Clusters are created with cluster name as NULL.
BUG-228612 The alertEmail activity is final, but it should be non-final.
BUG-228979 Cluster Production Level always displays 0.
BUG-231150 Same number of events displayed for total alert events and total exception events for this week and last week.
BUG-221706 Database exception ORA-24345: A truncation or null fetch error.
BUG-230141 Enterprise Health console does not have pagination in urgent events.
BUG-229782 Action item and enterprise reports are shown as part of system reports.
BUG-230288 Cluster name is not showing in the manage SOAP authentication pop-up window.
You can look up Pega Platform bug fixes in the Pega Platform Release Notes.

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