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This article is part of the Pega Cloud Services Subscription Documentation.

The Service Capabilities outlined in this document represent the included and optional offerings available from Pega Cloud Services.

Regional Deployment Availability

Pega Cloud Services are currently available to be deployed in the following deployment regions.  Pega Cloud Services Subscription includes deployment into one Region.




Canada – Central

Germany - Frankfurt


USA – Northern Virginia

Ireland - Dublin

Australia - Sydney

USA - Ohio

United Kingdom - London

Japan - Tokyo

USA – Northern California

France - Paris

India - Mumbai

USA – Oregon



Brazil – Sao Paolo



Pega Cloud Service Reliability Centres are currently located in USA (Massachusetts), India (Bengalaru), Poland (Krakow).

Service Availability and Recovery Objectives

Pega Cloud Services includes a production availability SLA of 99.95%.

Pega Cloud Services offer a Service Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 4 minutes and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 1 minute in the case of Pega Cloud Services infrastructure failure.

Data Recovery Objectives

Pega Cloud Services Data Backup Service offers a RPO of 10 minutes on Data backup, the recovery time from backup is dependent on the volume of data to be restored.  Backups performed on an ongoing basis and are kept for a rolling 30-day period.  Backups are for Data Recovery purposes only and are not available to clients for other reasons.  Only full Restores from the Data Backup Service are available.

Service Management

Pega Cloud Services includes the following Service Capabilities that clients may interact with for Service Management via Pega Global Client Support:

  • Incident Management - including a help desk that responds to client support requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Incident severity, impact and type classification with ticket routing to relevant qualified support staff and supervised monitoring of incident ticket status and progress.  Contingency and disaster recovery plan activation and escalation, in the event of a major incident.  Reporting and analysis of incident response performance metrics to achieve SLAs.  For details, see Incident Response and Management
  • Change Management - governing all Changes to the Pega Cloud Services environment including the underlying cloud infrastructure and Pega Software.  Applications must confirm to established Pega best practices and Guardrail Compliance instructions.  For details, see Change Management
  • Disaster Recovery Management - in line with Pega Cloud Services disaster recovery plan that covers Pega Cloud Services client production environments, Pega Cloud Service Reliability Centres.  For details, see Disaster Recovery

Service Operations

Pega Cloud Services provide each client with the following Service Operations capabilities:

  • Environment monitoring and management with proactive response to infrastructure issues and failures, resource utilization issues and tuning of environments to support Guardrail and License compliant applications across all client environments.
  • Database monitoring and management to support availability and performance for Guardrail and License compliant applications as well as changes required by client not enabled by Pega Platform features.
  • Network monitoring and management including Firewall and security group configuration and network and system level access monitoring with 12-month storage of security audit logs.
  • Service maintenance and updates including all scheduled Pega Platform and CRM application software updates as well as Pega Cloud Services infrastructure updates and upgrades.
  • Data backup and restore management as described in Data Recovery Objectives above.
  • Deployment of new Pega Cloud Services Subscriptions

Pega Global Client Support

Pega Cloud Services provides each client with access to Pega Global Client Support (GCS) Premium level Service for assistance with:

  • Problems encountered during application development
  • Issues encountered during standard use or testing
  • Environmental issues, including performance and configuration problems with the product
  • Upgrade, or migration problems
  • Other software use or operation errors

For details, please see the Support@Pega Handbook.

Self Service

Pega Cloud Services provides each client with access to Self Service capabilities, including:

  • The My Pega Cloud self-service portal that is available in the Pega My Support Portal
  • Pega Community – includes access to:
    • Pega Knowledge Base
    • Support forums
    • Pega Academy
  • Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud, the Pega application performance monitoring service deployed to all client environments.
  • Pega Deployment Manager, the Pega DevOps pipeline orchestration capability
  • Pega Agile Studio, the Pega Agile project management tool
  • Database Management features built into the Pega Platform, including Schema Tools and Query Runner capabilities.

Service Connectivity

Pega Cloud Services are accessed via a secure internet connection.


Pega Cloud Services includes support for the following integration capabilities that can be licensed by the client.

  • REST, SOAP and http
  • Email
  • DocuSign
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • SAML/OAuth


Please refer to the Security Standards.

Scope of Use

Pega Cloud Services production environments are scaled to support each client’s specific purpose and metrics as described in the client’s contract.

Exit Planning

Upon contract termination and on request no longer than 15 days post termination date, Pega will return client data persisted to Pega Cloud Services in a common industry-standard format such as a database export.

Upon return of client data, Pega will delete any client data persisted to Pega Cloud using industry-recognized methods for secure erasure.

Optional Pega Cloud Services Capabilities

The following capabilities can be added to the Pega Cloud Services Production Package:

  • Additional Database Storage
  • Additional Cloud File Storage
  • Additional Decision Data Storage*
  • Private connectivity options, such as IPSec VPN Tunnel
  • Additional sandboxes

*used with Pega Marketing

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