Planning for end of Pega Cloud Services subscription term

This content applies only to Cloud environments.

This article is part of the Pega Cloud Services Subscription Documentation.


As the end of the term of a client's subscription approaches, they have a few options.  Most clients will look to renew their subscription for an additional term, in order to continue to leverage the value of their Pega deployment and potential expanded use to new areas.  Some clients may elect to bring their Pega applications in-house and operate on a client-managed cloud environment.  In this way, clients can continue to leverage their investment in Pega solutions with an alternate deployment model, should they prefer. 

For other clients who elect not to renew or bring Pega in-house:  upon termination of the Subscription Services, and on the client’s request made within 15 days of the termination date, Pega will return the client’s data persisted to their Pega Cloud Services Production environment in a common industry-standard format such as a database export, encrypted to customary standards.

After the return of client data, Pega will delete any client data persisted to Pega Cloud Services, using industry-recognized methods for secure erasure.

Pegasystems does not return data for Chat, Co-Browse, Workforce Intelligence, or Digital Messaging services.  Upon termination of the Subscription Services, Pegasystems will delete any persisted client data, using industry-recognized methods for secure erasure.