Service Connectivity for Pega Cloud Services

This content applies only to Cloud environments.

This article is part of the Pega Cloud Services Subscription Documentation.


Pega Cloud Services offers a robust set of networking and security controls to help facilitate client access to the Pega Platform and Pega Strategic Applications.  Pega Cloud Services offers support for both public and private connectivity to client environments.  The client will have access to application and integration services through either:

  • Internet only
  • Internet plus private connection, or
  • Private Connection only

By default, client environments are accessed via a secure Internet connection.


Most clients need to integrate their Pega Platform and Pega Strategic Applications with other in-house or third-party systems.  Pega provides different rule types to help facilitate integration with our clients’ other enterprise systems. 

Resources maintain connection properties and other configuration data for client Pega application integrations.  Services are used to expose integration points into the application, such as REST APIs; and Connectors enable our clients’ Pega Cloud applications to request information from external systems.

Pega Cloud Services includes support for multiple Application and File/Content Integration methods to support both inbound and outbound integration.  A full list of currently supported Pega Cloud Services integration methods can be found on Pega Community. 

For details, see Integrating Pega applications in Pega Cloud with External Systems.