Service Level Agreement for Pega Cloud Services

This content applies only to Cloud environments.

This article is part of the Pega Cloud Services Subscription Documentation.

The Pega Cloud Services Production Environment Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a policy that governs the use of Pega Cloud Services Production environments under the terms of the Client's Pega Cloud Services Subscription Agreement.

Pegasystems will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Pega Cloud Services Production Environment available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of 99.95% (the service level agreement, or “SLA”), as calculated below.


  • "Scheduled Availability" means the total number of minutes in the subscription month during which the Production Environment is scheduled to be available, per the Pega Cloud Maintenance Policy.
  • "Unavailability" means the number of minutes that the Production Environment was not Available.
  • “Available” means the Production Environment URL(s) is responding to requests.

Exclusions:  Pega cannot guarantee Availability due to issues such as, but not limited to:

  1. Using unsupported integrations
  2. Using the service not in accordance with the documentation or Acceptable Use (see the Acceptable Use Policy)
  3. Exceeding the contractual entitlements under the applicable production schedule
  4. Connectivity issues between client and Pega Cloud Services which are outside of Pega’s controls

In the event that the Monthly Uptime Percentage does not meet the SLA during a subscription month, client is eligible to receive a credit equal to 10% of the subscription fees for that subscription month. Pegasystems will apply any SLA credits against subscription fees due under the applicable production schedule in future months.

To receive an SLA credit, client must submit a written request to Pegasystems. The request must include the dates and times of each incident of unavailability, within 30 days of the end of the subscription month in which the client alleges that the Monthly Uptime Percentage did not meet the SLA.  If the Monthly Uptime Percentage is confirmed by Pegasystems not to have met the SLA, then Pegasystems will issue the SLA credit to client within one billing cycle following the month in which the request is received.

Client's sole and exclusive remedy for the subscription not meeting the SLA is the receipt of the SLA credit as described in this policy. Any unavailability that is the basis for an SLA credit cannot be the basis for a future claim.

Client acknowledges that this SLA does not apply to unavailability that may result from temporary suspension of the Pega Cloud subscription in the event of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack or other external event that Pegasystems reasonably determines may create a risk to the subscription. During such times, Pegasystems will use reasonable efforts to give the client prompt email notice of the suspension, as well as updates regarding resumption of service.