Service Operations and Support for Pega Cloud

This content applies only to Cloud environments.

This article is part of the Pega Cloud Services Subscription Documentation.


For Pega Cloud Services maintenance, monitoring, and support, Pega Cloud provides Service Reliability Centers located in the USA (Massachusetts), India (Bengalaru), and Australia (Sydney).  Pega Cloud also has a Security Operations Center located in the USA (Virginia.)

Pega Cloud Services provide each client with the following Service Operations capabilities:

  • Environment monitoring and management with proactive response to infrastructure issues and failures, resource utilization issues and tuning of environments to support guardrail- and license-compliant applications across all client environments.
  • Database monitoring and management to support availability and performance for guardrail- and license-compliant applications as well as changes required by client not enabled by Pega Platform features.
  • Network monitoring and management including firewall and security group configuration and network and system level access monitoring with 12-month storage of security audit logs.
  • Service maintenance and updates including all scheduled Pega Platform and CRM application software updates as well as Pega Cloud Services infrastructure updates and upgrades.
  • Data backup and restore management as described in Data Backup Objectives above.
  • Deployment of new Pega Cloud Services Subscriptions

Pega Global Client Support

Pega Cloud Services provides each client with access to Pega Global Client Support (GCS) Premium level Service for assistance with:

  • Problems encountered during application development
  • Issues encountered during standard use or testing
  • Environmental issues, including performance and configuration problems with the product
  • Upgrade, or migration problems
  • Other software use or operation errors

For details, please see the Support@Pega Handbook.

GCS and Pega Cloud Services support teams work with clients to resolve issues in the clients’ Pega Cloud Services environments.  Pega’s Cloud services are contracted for using Pega business metrics (for example:  users and cases) and not at the server/CPU/memory level.  Therefore, it is not part of Pega’s support practice for Pega Cloud Services support teams to share specifics of the Cloud infrastructure, such as screenshots of capacity/usage, infrastructure logs, firewall/security configurations, and details about the general architecture of Pega Cloud Services.  The security of Pega Platform and the Pega Cloud Services infrastructure is a top priority at Pega, and as part of our commitment to keep the Cloud Services environments secure, Pega’s practice is to not release this type of information.

Self Service

Pega Cloud Services provides each client with access to Self Service capabilities, including:

  • The My Pega Cloud self-service portal that is available in the Pega My Support Portal
  • Pega Community – includes access to:
    • Pega Knowledge Base
    • Support forums
    • Pega Academy
  • Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud, the Pega application performance monitoring service deployed to all client environments.
  • Pega Deployment Manager, the Pega DevOps pipeline orchestration capability
  • Pega Agile Studio, the Pega Agile project management tool
  • Database Management features built into the Pega Platform, including Schema Tools and Query Runner capabilities.