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Environment auto-hibernation and FAQ

Starting June 2020, Pega Cloud® Services is taking action to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of its client environment portfolio.

Through an auto-hibernation process, Pega Cloud Services will pause the cloud resources for non-Production environments during periods of no active usage. Auto-hibernated environments can be un-paused following a wake-up process. When a client navigates to the URL of an auto-hibernated Pega Cloud environment, they can click on a Wake Up link to the environment. The wake-up process takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Pega Cloud Services encourages clients to review this FAQ to learn more about the auto-hibernation and wake-up processes. By implementing and tracking the success of auto-hibernation in client environments, Pega can:

  • Reduce its overall carbon footprint
  • Improve Pega Cloud Services understanding about a client's environment usage
  • Improve startup and shutdown performance and success

Frequently Asked Questions about the auto-hibernation process include the following:

Can Production environments be auto-hibernated?

No. Production environments cannot be auto-hibernated. Only non-Production environments can be auto-hibernated during periods with no active usage.

Does auto-hibernation impact my Production environment availability?

No. Auto-hibernation only applies to non-Production environments and does not impact Production environment availability.

How do I wake up an auto-hibernated environment?

When you navigate to the URL of your hibernated environment, you are presented with the option to wake it up to access Pega Platform. For example, if you navigate to the URL for a Pega Cloud development sandbox that has been auto-hibernated, you are presented with a page that explains why the environment has been auto-hibernated with a link to wake up the environment.

How long does it take to wake up my environment?

Environments are typically ready within 15 minutes.

What if I can’t wake up my environment?

There may be circumstances in which this process takes longer than expected. Pega Cloud Service Reliability is automatically engaged if required. To see the status of any issues, create a new support request by selecting New request in My Support Portal. For the latest documentation on making requests, see My Support Portal: New Design, Streamlined Features.

What happens to data in my environment during auto-hibernation?

All of the data in the environment is safe. Data is persisted and fully encrypted prior to suspending cloud resources.

Who can wake up an environment?

Clients must have network access to the environment to view and use the wake-up page. For most clients this means that they must be connected via their company’s network prior to accessing their Pega Cloud environment.

Can I proactively auto-hibernate my Pega Cloud environments?

If you are interested in learning more about auto-hibernation or proactive auto-hibernation, you can contact Pega and request information by selecting New request in My Support Portal.

Can Pega automatically wake up my auto-hibernated environment?

No. Currently, waking up auto-hibernated environments requires client intervention.

Can I use Deployment Manager while my environment is auto-hibernated?

If you have not logged into Deployment Manager, have not recently run your pipelines, or have not scheduled any pipelines to run soon, then Deployment Manager is also a candidate for using auto-hibernation. In this case, visit the URL for your Deployment Manager instance and for access to the wake-up page.

Will Deployment Manager automatically wake up my hibernated environment?

Waking up an environment requires client intervention. Deployment Manager does not currently support automating the auto-hibernation and wake up processes; pipelines will fail if a target environment is auto-hibernated.

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